How to make your school fun!

Understanding Skill India By Narendra Modi

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Stay in School or Drop Out?

Stay in School or Drop Out? By Patrick Bet-David

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What's the present education system like? Why is AcmeTutor trying to change things?

Why AcmeTutor will never bother with becoming Accredited?

Because the current systems of conformity of education can never realize the true potential of human education. And we at AcmeTutor strongly believe in education, not just schooling. For more insight on this aspect of education, watch the video below by Sir Ken Robinson:

The importance of a diverse education, and becoming free to be who you are meant to be!

Teach yourself. Use AcmeTutor to learn what you want to learn. Learn from the best. Learn from the passionate. Help make the world a better place. Bring honesty and genuineness. Bring wealth. Grow your education with AcmeTutor.

Why you should learn to code?

These people explain why writing code is like writing poetry or making art ... its a way to express your creativity, beyond what most of the older generation think learning to code is about ... getting a job in technology