Turn on system sound for a more fun game play!
You can also use mouse or 'ABCD' keys to select an answer!
Remember you can walk away anytime! The walk away button is the guy walking away with the arrow in the top left corner.
If you reach the $1,000 or $32,000 mark you will receive at least that much.

You have 3 lifelines: Phone a friend, audience poll, and fifty-fifty.
Phone a friend: In 30 seconds, you will get a response from a friend what he/she thinks the answer is. There is a high probability that the answer is correct, but this can vary by friend and difficulty of the question.
Your friend can give the wrong answer, so be sure to think for yourself as well!

Audience Poll: Simulates a real audience poll. Difficult questions may get mixed ratings, and easy ones are more likely to get a correct audience poll result. Audience could be wrong but will generally give you a good idea.

Fifty-fifty: The computer will eliminate 2 incorrect choices. The computer is always right, and you can narrow a tough question to two choices!
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