• Basics

  • What is AcmeTutor

    AcmeTutor is a learning platform for the future for everyone, it can be used for teaching, taking courses, or self-learning.

  • How can I create a course? Does it pay me?

    Go to Tools->Create a Course and follow the steps. You must login to save your course. Yes, if students are buying your course, you will make money as per the terms.

  • How do I get paid?

    You can link your bank account directly.

  • Guests

  • What can I do on AcmeTutor as a guest?

    You can play certain free games and puzzles, browse courses for sale, and use some freely accessible tools. For more, we recommend registering.

  • Free Members

  • What can I do on AcmeTutor as a free member?

    Welcome. As a registered member you can create and sell your own courses. You also have access to the free member tools. You can also receive emails about updates, discounts and offers to courses and more.

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