About Us

Company Information

AcmeTutor was founded by Aditya Mittal at Stanford University in 2009. The mission is simple, it is to advance knowledge and education further and help the global community learn and engage in high quality academic activities. We currently have physical presence in the Bay Area (near mountain view, palo alto, sunnyvale etc.). Our online services are available more globally. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can reach out to us with your needs and we will see if we are able to provide support to you. Email us at your convenience and we'll be sure to get back to you.

Our Values

We follow a strict code of honesty and academic integrity. We have faith in the process of learning and teaching, and believe it will eventually improve the condition of the world in currently unimaginable ways.

Customer Service

We do what we can to attend to everyone who tries to contact us. It is not always possible for us to talk to everyone on the phone, but we do try to get to all the emails.

Award Winning

Our founders and tutors have won many national and international awards in academics. We are proud to present the best. Aditya Mittal and Tiyu Wang both created together an error correction algorithm in DNA computing that was presented at Stanford BCATS conference, as well as the 14th International Conference on DNA Computing.

Global Reach

While our physical presence is currently limited to Bay Area, CA, USA currently, our online services reach out globally. The internet has made it possible to learn and teach globally and we are thankful for that.


Please contact us directly to find out availablity for your location and course needs.

Our Commitment

We commit to upholding the highest level of academic integrity and working to make the world a better place through quality education and learning.